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    Banktivity connects all of your accounts in one place so you can make better smarter financial decisions.

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    The Banktivity product family, personal finance software for Mac OS X and iOS


    We build award winning apps for macOS and iOS. Our private and secure cloud sync lets
    you manage and track your finances seamlessly on all your devices.


    Banktivity makes it easy to see if you are living within your means.



    Easily budget for your monthly bills and expenses, and start planning for those larger expenses coming down the road.

    Banktivity's envelope budgeting makes sure you are proactive with your money instead of reactive. You'll have a plan for your money so you can stop worrying about it — be friends with your money again.

    Never Miss a Bill

    See all of your bills in one place and whether they've been paid or not, when it's time to pay a bill, you just pay it because it was part of your plan. The guesswork is gone (along with the stress).

    I used to dread budgeting, but now we're getting control of our financial situation. Your software is really helping my family get on track!



    On average our customers save over $500 a year.

    Save $500 and 40 hours

    See every expense so you can start making smarter decisions about how to spend your money. On average our customers save over $500 a year and 40 hours of time.

    Whether you prefer to use a credit card, checking or savings account, Banktivity always shows you where you stand.

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    I have recently retired and Banktivity gives me an accurate view of all my finances. This has given me confidence in my retirement finances.

    Dennis, Washington, USA


    Grow your savings and your nest egg.

    Build Wealth


    Make sure you have an adequate emergency fund to weather the rough times. See your net worth through time to make sure you are consistently building wealth.

    Investments & Retirement

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    Know how well your investments are performing and start making smarter decisions.

    Banktivity is so much better than Quicken! Love the way I can sync to multiple Macs and my iPhone!


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    Key metrics indicate the health of your finances. How is your money?

    Savings growth rate

    Savings Rate

    The bellwether of your finances - Banktivity automatically calculates your savings rate so you always know how quickly you are building wealth.

    Net worth


    Banktivity automatically gives you a breakdown of your net worth through time. A consistently increasing net worth is an indicator of good financial health.


    Investment Performance

    Banktivity shows you valuable investment metrics like short and long term gains, dividend returns, IRR (internal rate of return), ROI (return on investment) and even performance of individual lots. An integrated portfolio shows you the big picture.

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    Piggy bank

    Personal Finance 101

    Our blog on money. Learning is a life long journey.


    You're Never Alone

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    We Don't Sell Your Data

    We aren't in the businesses of mining your personal financial data. We don't sell your data to advertisers and we don't try and sell you financial products (like more credit cards or insurance).

    Secure Shield


    Our cloud sync is built with device-based end-to-end encryption. That means your data is never in transit without being encrypted first.



    We've been developing macOS and iOS software for over 14 years. We aren't some fly-by-night shop. We're here for the long haull.

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    "Our favorite budgeting and personal finance app. It does everything well."



    The Sweet Setup

    Banktivity personal finance app featured at Yahoo
    Banktivity personal finance app featured at Forbes
    Banktivity personal finance app featured at USA Today
    Banktivity personal finance app featured at Business Insider
    Banktivity personal finance app featured at Tech Times
    Banktivity personal finance app featured at SFGate
    Banktivity personal finance app featured at AOL


    Free 30-day trial on Mac. Free download on iPhone, iPad app only $19.99 (USD).

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    Today I’m writing with some big news: this fall we are switching to a new pricing model. This new model will coincide with the release...

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    July 24, 2023, 01:13 AM

    “A subscription that doesn’t suck.” New article on our upcoming pricing model is now live on our blog: http://t.co/3GOymJb1og

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